• Is your Duster showing signs of rust?
    Dacia Duster “Rust” Statement Updated – Now includes extra years paint protection
    Posted By Nick, 19th August 2014
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Dacia Support EcoAttitude Campaign

EcoAttitude Nominated It’s Winners

The first stage of the ecology and environment campaign „EcoAttitude (EcoAtitudine) = Responsability, Information, Action“, 2014 edition, developed with support from Dacia, was completed. The … [Read More...]

Alison Beirne collects her new Stepway

Dacia Celebrates 25,000th UK Customer

In just 18 months, Dacia, the darling of the European car market, has blazed quite a trail in the UK. And now, not long since cruising past 10,000 sales, it’s already popping a few more corks, of high … [Read More...]