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why i have dusty components around my brand new 4x4 renault duster's back wheels

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my car is a duster 4x4 and not 4x2.. is your picture from a Renault duster car?



Sorry, John re-read your post, we couldn't resist!

On a serious note, that does look pretty naff! Almost like they forgot to put any paint on!!
As compensation for our earlier jokes re dust, here is a pic of my 2019 Prestige 4x2's bottom!

I don't have the extra bits you have, but they look pretty black.

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but the component which is rusty in my car seems missing in your car..while the ones shown in your picture looks fine in my picture as well..

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Pressed steel parts such as the brake back-plates & suspension parts visible in the 2WD photo are quite thin in wall section & hence vulnerable to failure due to corrosion - welded features even more so. This is why such parts have a protective finish of either paint - or sometimes, plating.


Parts machined from steel castings or steel billets have in general, much thicker wall sections & so less vulnerable to failure due to corrosion - hence why the manufactures either avoid applying a protective finish altogether - or just a token cosmetic covering is applied.


Based on the 4WD photo, the rear wheel hub is a machined casting & the drive-shaft is a machined billet - so no protective finish applied & IMO, there's no problem with that. The rest of the car would have dissolved long before these parts do !


The above reasoning is based on the Dacia price-point within the marketplace.

Higher end manufactures are much more likely to apply a protective finish to everything - part of what you're paying for.

Brake calipers are usually the most visible evidence of this reasoning.

Brake calipers are mostly machined steel castings but only the higher end of the market apply a decent protective finish - and that's mostly for cosmetic appearance only.

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