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1.5 dci

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Hi all, please can anyone tell me from experience any info on the 1.5dci? I have a few questions please... Is it a reliable vehicle and engine? Starts reliably, few breakdowns etc? What is it like on oil consumption? Are there any issues with the DPF clogging on short journeys like with some modern diesels? Does anyone know the service interval? Finally, I believe it's a timing belt engine? Does anyone know the interval for changing it and has anyone pushed the interval and done like over 100k without changing? What is the Duster like in terms of brake wear, tyre wear, fuel consumption, clutch replacement, any gearbox issues etc? Id love to hear all, good and bad please, thank you, much love



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Mine is a 13 plate Duster 1.5Dci which has just reached 60k miles, apart from servicing has been just great, check oil, but have not had to put any in between services, used on short and long runs no problems with the DPF, this engine also has the fifth injector in the exhaust to help clear the DPF out, I do make sure to give the DPF a blow thro' on a fast country road just in case, have changed the tyres once, have fitted Mtech discs and Mintex pads, rear drums / brake shoes were cleaned out at 48k miles. Did change timing belt and water pump at 6 years as it is still to reach 72k miles, never have pushed timing belt change on any of my cars. I have the car serviced once a year when the MOT is done, think it is otherwise 12k miles. Only mechanical problem I have had is the steering wheel air bag "clock spring" cable deciding to unwind, pulled the steering wheel off and fitted a new one myself. I know my daughter's mother in law had fun with her Juke 1.5Dci as she kept blocking the DPF up but that was due to her doing only 3 - 6 mile trips to the shops etc most of the time.

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