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Cross Bar

Manufacturer: Dacia
Part Number: 738200208R

Have you got these fitted to your Dacia Duster? Let us know what you think by adding your thoughts below.

Overall Rating:


  • 1672Mark
    01 November 2016 - 12:05 PM

    Purchased From: Dacia/Renault Turkey
    Price I Paid: £125 (equivalent)
    My Rating:

    Come well packed. Supplied with multi-lingual 'quick-fit' schematic instructions, which are understandable for the majority of motorists who have used roof bars before. Minimal self-assembly required. Once you become proficient at fitting them, they take less than 5 minutes to fit both bars. Well made, but bar endcaps come off if you pull too hard. No tools required to fit - come with integral hex key. Don't tighten too much as slight distortion prevents tightening key being securely fitted into stowage position. Not lockable, but looks like another version of the bars can be - maybe buy after-market locks?? This means the bars (and whatever is attached to them) can be stolen by using the integral hex keys. They need to be secured with cable ties 'a la' wheel covers. If you do this, it means you will need something to cut them off when you want to remove the bars. Drove all the way from Turkey to UK with a roof box fitted and noise increase was minimal - no whistle or whine, even when no load is fitted (instructions inform you how to reduce the likelihood of noise). They get 4 stars mainly for the ease with which they are fitted. If they had locked, they would have got 5 stars.