Wheel Arch Protection

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Wheel Arch Protection

Manufacturer: Dacia
Part Numbers (x4): 960169632R, 960178918R, 788A24426R, 788A33613R
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Overall Rating:


  • Mikenew
    23 November 2017 - 07:01 AM

    Purchased From: Emag in Romania [url="https://m.emag.ro/set-bandouri-exterioare-aripi-dacia-duster-8201274674/pd/DZTRHYBBM/"]https://m.emag.ro/set-bandouri-exterioare-aripi-dacia-duster-8201274674/pd/DZTRHYBBM/[/url]
    Price I Paid: £RON 878 (€ 189)
    My Rating:

    I bought the set under tge part number 8201274674 Easy to fit but you do need to buy a mastic set as well part number 7711421432 which was about €40