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Phase 2 Duster 4x4 pulling left. Can't resolve.

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El Kabong!

El Kabong!


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2015 Duster, has the Phase 2 grill.


After purchase last Feb, power steering failed. Reconditioned pump fitted on exchange by mechanic and coded to ECU by Renault garage.


On purchase was pulling right. Also, traction control light sometime came on when not warranted.

Laser alignment did not resolve.

2 Chinese tyres up front, 2 Conti's on back. I swapped them and it stopped pulling right.

It was pulling left though.

I put 4 new Conti's on it, to no avail.

I had it laser aligned again to no avail.


I, and my mechanic, found that left wheelbase was ~10mm shorter.

Mechanic could only adjust rear axle for 3mm. He "felt" though the issue was with power steering.

I asked Renault to investigate, and to look at steering angle sensor as that could create false traction warning.


They adjust alignment to spec, and sensor to spec. No improvement, still pulling.

Steering wheel is pointing at 1-2pm when driving to keep it straight.

Renault alignment printout noticed wheelbase difference as being "-8mm"


I'm at a bit of a loss.

New tyres, alignment done 3-4 times now, sensor checked. It's pulling pretty badly.


Options are:


1) Steering pump replacement messed something up other than steering angle sensor

2) Something is bent on rear axle, but surely alignment would pick it up?


It accelerates and brakes straight and there are no suspension noises. Mechanic couldn't find any suspension wear.


Any tips/ideas????



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On Stepway II TCe or dCi the steering assist is hydraulic with electric pump (GEP), the pump is active only when the engine is running and when you rotate the steering wheel after 0.3 - 0.6 second (depending on ECO, vehicle speed, etc) the GEP is started.


On the X52 the TCe and dCi are equiped with a GEP located on the left side onf the car, under the left headlight. The 1.2 16v is equiped with belt driven mechanical pump (GEM).

This is from an old topic. The cars share the PAS and electronics

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