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I bought a Category N Sandero. 


Often with these cars, very light damage is enough to write them off for insurance purposes.


Having said that, when I had the wheel alignment checked at Kwikfit, they were unable to properly align the wheels.  There was a slight error which was picked up by the very sophisticated Hunter wheel alignment machine that they use.


As far as I am aware, there is no problem with the way the car drives or with tyre wear.




I have got another problem.


A couple of years ago, I was charged with 'Not revealing the name of the driver'.  I was one of three drivers, and the police came to my partner's house, six months after an incident, and immediately expected me to 'remember the name of the driver'.


I made the mistake of representing myself in court.  And as a consequence I had six points on my licence.


All very unfair and unjust.


The incident was an incident with a cyclist, who had posted about five hundred similar incidents with motorists.


Aberdeen Cycle Cam|twgr^author




Because of these two blots on my copy book, I have to phone up for a quote, rather than just feeling in an online form.


I have insured with the Coop for a large number of years but I have grown increasingly dissatisfied.


I received a written quote through the post, which I eventually accepted.   But it was much higher than I thought was reasonable.   I simply did not want to go to the trouble of shopping around.


I did apply for an online quote with the Coop only to be told that I would have to phone.  And when I approached them that way, I was given an astronomical quote.




Has anyone got any good suggestions?


Particularly for 'Cat N' cars?


And for points on your licence?






I feel very annoyed about the high quotes I have been offered because I feel that I am a below average risk.


After all, I drive a Dacia Sandero for goodness sake!

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