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Both headlights out. - possible causes?

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Noticed today that both my headlights are out. (Sandero Stepway '68 plate)
Indicators, main beams, sidelights, foglight and daytime running lights are all okay. Dasboard lights up as expected
When the column switch is set to headlight the green symbol lights up but there's no light at all.

Any ideas? Broken stalk switch or something else?



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There are 4 separate fuses for the main beams 4&5 and dipped beam 6&7 on the earlier cars with H4 bulbs they are probably the same for your H1,H7 combo.


But that would mean you have two blown fuses or bulbs!


The stalk is known to fail with strange symptoms although it does not explain why the dash headlight symbol is on.The only reason I can think of is the dash is electronics and leds controlled by the UCH (BCM) which relies on voltage levels not current so there may be enough voltage to trigger the electronics but not enough current to light filament bulbs.


If the fuses and bulbs are ok I would suspect the stalk.

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