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Lambda Oxygen sensor problem

Lambda Oxygen

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My 2019 0.9 TCE Stepway oxygen sensor before the cat is giving a fixed output of 1.5 volts. I believe it should be switching between 0.1 and 0.9 volts about once a second. Can anyone confirm that this is correct please? There are no P codes. I would be most grateful for any advice.


The garage recently changed the oxygen sensor but had to change the catalytic converter too as the thread was damaged so the original sensor never fitted properly. For the first time since I had the car (from new) it ran really well, but now after only a few miles its not running so well and I am now only getting 34 mpg. So I purchased an OBD analyser which reads live data so I can see whats going on as its taken three journeys to the garage where its been in for several hours each time, so I am very fed up especially as they are a main dealer and did not have an oxygen sensor in stock so it took a week for it to be ordered and delivered and then they discovered it needed a new cat which took three weeks to deliver.


Also the speedo sometime flickes up to over 10 mph when idling. It did this when I collected it, but they dont know that that is so I wonder about the ECU.


I also have rust problems in two different areas too but will say more in another posting.


Many thanks




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I have some issues with high revs jitter on my Logan MCV 0.9 Tce. Main dealer told me it is oxygen sensor. They ordered it so I am waiting to see results. Have you fixed your issue.

Speedo flickering - I am also having this problem but the dealer told me it is related to aftermarket headunit. 

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