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  • Added on: Jun 11 2013 05:21 PM
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Spare Wheel Kit - Retrofit to your Duster

Posted by irishwhiskeychaser on Jun 11 2013 05:21 PM

A quick pictorial how too on the spare wheel cradle Kit.


Please do not reply to this topic and Nick might move it to the Support forum.




Cradle Kit


Duster Cradle Kit.jpg


1. Locate pre-drilled bolt holes under car frame at rear bumper area.


Duster 1.jpg


2. Remove bolts which are in place by using a TX40 size torx wrench by twisting in an anti clockwise direction.


Duster 2.jpg


3. Simply bolt Clasp back into place making sure that the large loosing bolt on the clasp is up into the hole in the floor.


Duster 3.jpg


It is important to attach clasp before you attach the cradle as the cradle may interfere with installation otherwise.


4. Insert both arms of the cradle into the pre-fitted brackets by gently squeezing them into place. Not much effort is required though.


Duster 4.jpg


Next place the retainer clips on the end of the arms.


Duster 5.jpg


These just push on.


Duster 6.jpg


At this stage job is pretty much done and should take no more than 10-15 mins.


All that remains is to load up your spare wheel.


To use, slide wheel onto cradle, if you have a wheel protector the wheel protector is face down so that it is between the wheel and the cradle frame.


Then hook the hoop at the end of the cradle


Duster 10.jpg


onto the clasp.


Duster 11.jpg


Use the handle end of your brace to tighten the clasp through the hole in the boot floor.


Duster 12.jpg


Tighten until fully engaged (Which is when you can not tighten any further) but would be wise to visually check.


Duster 13.jpg


Last part of the puzzle is to attach your brace and jack retainers which are small and light pieces of kit but do the job.


First remove any plugs that may be in place.


duster 14.jpg


and looks like this


duster 15.jpg


Insert the Brace clip into a slotted hole. This clip is used to retain the Brace on the side wall of the Duster in the allocated space (See Car Manual for exact details)


duster 16.jpg


Next you can insert the Jack retainer.


The rectangular end is the part that goes into the hole. Place end into the rectangle hole with the rectangular bit horizontal. Twist clock wise so that it locks into place and the rectangle is not vertical to the hole.


duster 17.jpg


There is a lip on the side wall that the base of the jack can slot on to and the end is the retained by the fitted retainer by screwing in tightly.


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