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  • Added on: Feb 22 2015 12:59 PM
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  • Time needed: Originally posted by Bigandy

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No-drill wireless reversing camera and rear-view mounted monitor

Rear view camera mounted in number plate light. Wireless transmitters. Monitor in clip-on rear-view mirror.

Posted by chrisl300 on Feb 22 2015 12:59 PM
Number Plate Light Camera Wireless transmitters rear-view mirror monitor

Originally posted by Bigandy in this thread.


Parts list:

  • 1x lcd rear view mirror

  • 1x wireless transmitter and receiver

  • 1x rear view camera numberplate light with camera|

Make sure the camera has an extra piece to put the camera lower to miss the duster sign.


Sources: (These will probably change but you should be able to find the parts from the title and images above)

I started at the boot by removing two screws and then removed the panel from the boot


Then I fed a draw cable round the boot frame removed a couple of the rubber grommets

I used a old bit of rg6 ariel cable to feed round as it's flexible but stiff enough to push


I removed the bung from the rear heated window and fed the cable up to the top of the boot

Then I removed the cable gland from between the car and boot and fed the cable round to the heater opening then pulled the cable all the way round

Then through the gland between the car and boot this bit took the longest from there I fed it down to the reversing light rear left as facing the car


I removed the rear light using the two thumbscrews using my multimeter I identified the reverse power and the negative . You can decide how you want to connect into this. Scotch lock connectors? I flipped up the tab on the connector and pulled out the two pins required and soldered my cables onto it then resembled.


Next back to the boot lid I popped out the numberplate light and fitted the rearview camera. The light just slides one way then pulls down then inside the boot lid I connected up the wireless transmitter. It powers the camera also. So it just a case of connecting power to the transmitter cable tied the lot together and resembled the boot


Then onto the mirror. The mirror just clips onto the existing mirror I expected this to be bad but it actually was quite good.for me this is just until I fit a new Android head unit. The cable just tucked up under the roof lining and by removing the interior light you can get the cables then in the space above I fitted the receiver unit to the mirror lcd then connected the power into the switched power for the light. Checking what was the power again with my multimeter

A few more cable ties to tidy up then that was it.

Test and it worked great









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