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  • Added on: Mar 13 2016 09:28 AM
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  • Time needed: 1/2 hr max.

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Removing the STEPWAY stickers.

How to remove the STEPWAY stickers.

Posted by zapik on Mar 13 2016 09:28 AM

Simple job really if you follow some simple rules. You will need a hair dryer and finger nails.


After washing down the area just heat up the stickers with the hair drier. It is important to get the paint warm under the sticker so the glue separates from the sticker and the the paint and not from the sticker first otherwise the sticky bit is left on the car. If the sticker starts to come off when you pick it with your nail and the glue remains on the paint then stop and apply some more heat. Any glue residue left on the paint can be removed with mentholated spirits. Let teh spirits soak into the glue first to soften it up.


After all is done you can re-wax the area effected.

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