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  • Added on: Jun 14 2016 08:06 AM
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  • Time needed: 2 hrs

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Towbar fitting + wiring (7 pin socket)

This described how to wire in a 7 pin socket to a Logan MPV using a bypass relay

Posted by timster on Jun 14 2016 08:06 AM

Towbar Fitting and Wiring – Dacia Logan MPV 2013 –


Hi folks.


I’ve just finished fitting the towbar and wiring in the 7 pin socket for my Logan.  There wasn’t much info online regarding this, especially when it came to the wiring so here’s a brief guide which might be of help to someone.

Please note;

  1. This relates to the wiring in my car only (2013 –  (63 plate) 1.5dci Logan Laureate) I cannot guarantee yours is the same
  2. This is using a bypass relay – usually about £15.  I have never bothered with vehicle specific wiring kits as to they are usually an extra £100 which I can never justify spending.


Towbar Fitting:

There are plenty of guides out there for the physical fitting of the bar, in essence this is one of the simplest ones I’ve done. I used a witter fixed flange bar from PF Jones  -  Came with good instructions, very simple to do.  No bumper removal or cuts required in the bumper.  Small cut to be made in the underguard.



This is how I did it – I soldered and sealed my joints, you can do what you like to yours, i have a passionate hatred of scotch locks so refused to use them!

This relates to a RHD car

Drivers side = R

Passenger side = L

  • Remove boot base and spare wheel
  • Remove soft trim from R side
  • Unscrew, unplug socket and remove rear ® light
  • Remove soft trim from L side
  • Unscrew, unplug socket and remove rear (L) light
  • Remove Plastic trim on L side of boot (The part containing the boot light) You’ll mmed to push out the light fitting, undo 3x torque screws then pull out and up.  Easire to fold down seat in front of it to make more space, and then slide out seat belt.
  • Pull up plastic trim running across back of boot – lifts up with pop studs
  • Youll see the wiring loom coming in under the trim you’ve just removed, on it will be a RED wire doubled back on itself and taped off – this is the +ve supply to your bypass relay so join this to RED on the Relay.
  • Find a good earth for the BLACK on bypass relay – theres a nice earth bolt on the bottom of the l side of the boot – I used this.

On L side of the car dismantle wiring loom (Remove tape) you’ll find 6 wires going into the rear light socket

1 – Blue – Rear Driving Lights

2 – Brown - Brakes

3 – Blue – L. index

These are the only ones you’ll need.

Connect to bypass relay as follows:

1 blue – BLACK

2 Brown – RED

3 Blue – YELLOW


On R hand side of car you’ll find:

1 – White – FOG

2 – Cream

3 – Black

4 – Pink – R Index

5 – Black – Rear Light


Run a length of wire from 1 / 4 / 5 – along the back of the boot to meet the relay then  connect to relay as follows:

1 white – BLUE

4 pink – GREEN

5 black – BROWN


Then wire in the lead from your socket into the bypass relay – should be self explanatory – dont’ forget to connect the white earth to a good earth point – I used the same one.

Insert fuse into position – F23 (10a mini blade fuse (red) You should hear 3 bleeps as the bypass relay switches on.

Test  - and go




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