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  • Added on: Mar 18 2017 11:46 PM
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adding a new Head Unit + reverse sensors + front camera

How to add a new Android unit
How to connect a reverse camera
How to connect a front camera

Posted by javiermi on Mar 18 2017 11:46 PM

Just replaced my Head Unit with a new 7" Android 5.1.1 Unit from Aliexpress - see Aftermarket review

The unit comes with everything you need, except gps antenna connector 

As per my explanation, you need to get a SMB to SMA adapter and it will fit perfectly

To connect a reverse camera, all you need is to buy a cheap chinese camera that replaces your rear plate light

see, for example this one on Ebay:

To connect the camera you need to provide 12 V to the unit, and also need to send this signal to the head unit, so it switches to the camera input. This should happen, when you push the brakes

You can find this signal on the green cable that goes to the rear left lights ( see picture), connect also the black cable to the negative of the camera

All you then you have to do is wire the coaxial cable ( it has also a red cable attached) to the front of the vehicle

To be honest, it took me a bit of work to locate a hole to pass the cable to the bumper, but found one on the right side of the car, which is blocked with a rubber, just push it with a screwdriver and carefully pass the cable through.  You will need an electrician fish tape.

After that, connect the power leads to the rear light ( green and black) and pass the cable under the covers till the head unit 

Just be careful: little by little take away the rubbers from the doors, lift a bit the plastic and pass the cable, if in need use the fish tape cable. When you reach the head unit, connect the coaxial cable to backcamera input and the red cable to the back signal



Connecting an usb front camera:

I bought a fairly cheap camera from Ali Express:


You can stick it to either the front window or to the mirror, I did the latter, but I had to reverse the position of the screw, so the image was not upside-down when I put the cable from the top

Carefully pass the cable under the ceiling, then slightly lift the plastic and with the fish tape cable pass it though behind the glove compartment

Connect to  one of the USB ports on the back of the unit and it should work immediately you run the app HDR


I'm planning on adding a DAB+ USB adapter and 4G USB modem, so probably add a new tutorial

Any questions just ask20170318_091847.jpg 20170318_091933.jpg 20170318_101924.jpg 20170318_111412.jpg 20170318_114329.jpg 20170318_114339.jpg 20170318_134557.jpg 20170318_134602.jpg 20170318_134619.jpg


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