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  • Added on: Oct 09 2019 10:23 PM
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Double din stereo install

Installing a double din stereo into a 2019 Logan MCV Access with 4 Speakers

Posted by SEALE on Oct 09 2019 10:23 PM

Just bought a brand new 2019 Logan Access (comes with no radio)


Dashboard as received



I decided to fit a double din rather than the single version as I think it looks better (more expensive option though)


Shopping list


1. Plastic trim removal tools, and window winder tool.

2. Kenwood DPX7100DAB radio (comes with DAB aerial)

3. Connects2 Fascia adaptor CT23DC09 (Piano black)

4, Connects2 DIN Harness adaptor CT20DC01

5. Connects2 Analogue Aerial adaptor CT27AA01

6. Kenwood KFC-S1756 Ø6.5" 500watt Speakers (pair)

7. Connects2 Dacia Ø6.5" Speaker adaptors CT25DC01 (pair)

8. Kenwood KFC-S1356 Ø5.25" 260watt Speakers (pair)

9. Connects2 Renault Ø5.25" Speaker adaptors CT25RT02. 

10. Renault Door trim panel clips (x10) 770307746

11. Connects2 Speaker harness CT55-DC01 (pair) 

12. 5m of speaker wire 

13. Selection of 6.3mm spade crimps

14. Self adhesive plastic hooks

15. Selection of small rubber grommets


Begin by prising off the genuine imitation carbon fibre radio surround, start at the bottom and work up. Use the plastic removal tools to avoid damaging the thing. Disconnect the Hazard switch from its harness.

Next remove the cubby hole (4 x torx screws, retain them!) 
Now connect the wiring harnesses to the car's loom.  The car is only wired for front speakers so route some speaker cable through the dash (there's loads of room) and spice it into the harness adaptor.  Connect the fm aerial adaptor to the car aerial cable and install the DAB aerial (instructions are in the radio manual).  If you want also connect the microphone.
Now loosely screw the angle brackets to the side of the radio, place the fascia adaptor on top, move the brackets up to meet the adaptor and tighten the screws.


Connect all the wires to the back of the radio and screw it into the dash using the four torx screws from the cubby hole.

I'd advise not replacing the carbon fibre surround until you've tested the radio and speakers but here it is.

Unscrew the torx screws from the door cards, lift out the door handles and remove the window winders using the tool.
Remove the surrounds from the mirror adjusters on the front doors.


Now prise out the door clips from the bottom of the doors using the removal tools, try to pull them out squarely to reduce breakages. Start at the bottom and work your way up.



Once the clips are out lift the door cars upwards to remove them, the front door cards will need to be tilted towards the car at the same time.


Only the drivers door had a wiring harness, removing the rubber plug on the front passenger side revealed that connector.

The speaker adaptors car be plugged into the car loom, obviously I had to extend the loom on the front passenger side to go into the door.
Lift the carpet from the front footwells to expose the wiring loom and run the rear speaker cables you routed through the dash along these.


Remove the dust cover from the front seatbelt top bolts and unbolt them.  Undo the torx screws and remove the upper and lower pillar trims
Route the cable up through the pillars and out through the rubber plug.  Ideally I'd have got the proper rubber gaiters to connect the door pillars to the door but I was unable to source them.  As the position of the wires is fairly well shielded though, I pierced (not drilled) small holes in the rubber plugs and let the speaker cable out into the great wide world.  Piercing the rubber ensures a fairly good waterproof barrier. make sure there is sufficient slack in the joints so the doors can open and close properly.
Over each of the speaker recesses in the doors is a foam pad, don't remove it, cut out the centre without damaging the paintwork (one of those plastic trim tools worked a treat)


With the exception of the drivers door, carefully route the cables through the doors to appear close to the speaker holes. Use one of the adhesive plastic clips to hold the wire away from the window.  Wind the window up and down to make sure.



Now bolt the speaker spacers to the doors, the foam should act as a waterproof seal.  Connect the speakers to the wires and screw the speakers into the adaptors.

Test the speakers and replace the door cards, trim, seatbelts etc. and enjoy.
Sound from this system is great (I'm too old for a subwoofer)







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