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  • Added on: Apr 06 2021 08:35 PM
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Timing Chain

My Experience with timing chain replacement
Impact drive, socket set, wrenches, pully puller, carpet blade, silicone rtf, new oil, new oil filter, piece of rubber or old tennis ball.
6 pack of beer and hope

Posted by yebvas on Apr 06 2021 08:35 PM

Hi Guys,  id like to share my experience  on my 81212 km mileage engine

I had noise from the engine and its worse when you open the oil filler cap, decided that the chain is on the brink., So i got quotes and decided to fix myself.

Bought the kit (import) and service parts (just to be sure all is done) and on a holiday i choose to change the chain.

I drained all the oil and removed filter. I also made sure all oil is out before i proceded

After opening and unscrewing all parts , taking pictures and keeping all bolts in boxed marked with location.

What i did: I placed a block under the engine and loosened the mounting on cover side. Took off aux belt (using size 16mm socket on tentioner). Removed Idler pulley has 3x 8 mm bolts and tentioner has a single 12 mm bolt. removed the side bolts on cover, starting with size 10 mm and the size 12 mm bolts. (take pictures) Crank Pulley is a bit hard to remove but a shock with dead blow hammer or wood hamer helps. Insert bolt again

The cover has been siliconed on with grey rtf and i had to wedge mine off with long flat screwdriver.
Cover is off and some oil dropped The vvt oil channel is on cover, so be careful when taking off.


The side is opened and engine internal exposed.So mind the dust.

I inspected the chain,a very loose chain, and checked timing marks by manually turning engine before i remove chain.
Funny thing is that evey 6 rotations, when the marks on chain is near the points, i realised that it was out 180 degrees. When rotating it full 6 times, i found the teeth was 1 or 2 links out. I turned the engine about 10 times to see the pattern. (take spark plugs out to make this easier.)

I turned it to the closest position and locked the cams (Tennis ball or rubber), and locked the crank shaft. took off big bolt and chain. I inspected chain with new one and there was no diffrence, The chain was not streched. Next culprit is the tentioner. I removed the part and found it to be locked, as i had a new one i bashed it with a hammer, and it extended.

Cleaning the oil and gunk off i realised what could be the problem. and the most probable one too. The tentioner siezed due to the mineral oil i used with a service and the channels clogged on tentioner..


The slider on the tentioner side is slip off, other side is fastned with 2x 10 mm bolts.

The oil pump chain tentioner had no fowls but i replaced it and the sprocket, replaced the cam sprocket that came off easily as it was keyed, replaced the exhaust cam pulley (all of these was in the kit so i did all the work now and avoid future problems.) pressed new sprocket on pump, fitted new small chain, A trick is to slide chain before the new oil pump sprocket goes on. and fitted the main chain. I did not disturb timing and im sure that the timing was correct as i had no problems before opening. Search for timing marks on google to get an idea where they should be.


I then turned engine via crank bolt a few cycles to check, feel and listen for noises and all went well.

Refit time.

Cleaned all gasket silicone from engine and cleaned cover by scraping with blade, remember engine is exposed. wiped with petrol rag , The cover had chaffing marks from the chain slapping it.

After the clean , scrape and filing. its refit time.

New rtf grey on all the bead area, and careful refit. clean off where you could have touched.
Started bolting it all together and cover slid in position with no issues. 

A google search gave me all torque settings and adjusted to that.


Rtf have a stiff time of 10 minutes and a set time of 12 - 24 hours.


New aux belt was also fitted as the old one was perished  a bit and i was busy, so ..


i waited 2 hours and filled engine with fresh synthetic oil, and started for a few seconds.
silence of the joy i had when i drove this small wonder off the sales floor.


Pulled in the garage after checking fluid levels and left her there to rest.

24 hours later I got in. turned ignition key and the same silent idling engine greeted me.


I went for a 50 kilometer drive and kept the revs low. stopping halfway to check leaks and fluid levels, all was good.

On my way home i decided to take the one hill i had issues with and the little wonder took it hands on, high gear and half throttle.


Arrived home , all with no complaints from myself or the car.


My little experience.

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