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  1. Dacia Sandero Mechanical Guides
    Hi there. Can anyone help me, I have a 2013/14 Dacia Sandero that won’t start unless the driver’s door is open. Any clues as to what’s happening here?? Immobiliser fault perhaps??
  2. Dacia Sandero Forum
    My boyfriends radio dial/rotary dial whatever you want to call it has fallen off and a part is broken so it no longer stays on. We cant for the life of us find a replacement. Does it have a specific name or something? I'd post a picture but I'm not sure how to on here. It's a 2013 dacia sandero
  3. General Chat
    Why is everthing concerning cars so complicated these days? Does anybody know which type of coolant I need to top up my 4 cylinder 1.2 (former Renault Clio engine I believe) radiator with please? No guidance in the the handbook! kind regards, boydell. :)
  4. General Chat
    Most will occur as a result of increasing international sales. Company officials expect the Pitesti plant to produce 340,000 vehicles by the end of the year, helped by new version of the Duster, launched in Romania at a price of 10,900 euros. Dacia sold over 211,000 cars in Europe at the end of...
  5. General Chat
    Official launch of Bucharest Auto Show and Accessories 2013, 10 - 20 of October, Romaero Baneasa This autumn, between 10 - 20th of October, Premium Expo invites you to Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories 2013 (SAB & A 2013). The event reached its eleventh edition and the third consecutive one...
1-5 of 5 Results