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  1. Buy & Sell
    I've got my Duster 4WD back from Dacia/Renault and it looks like new, but the arthritis in my neck has got worse and I need to drive an auto now So my near perfect Duster 4x4 is up for grabs...willing to do a deal for a Forum member, try me...
  2. General Chat
    The steering wheel on my 1 year old Duster Lauriette 4x4 suddenly developed play in vertical and horizontal movement to the point that on returning from a 30 mile trip there was 3 Cm of looseness together with a clonking sound when wheel turning reached a certain point in its travel. There was...
  3. General Chat
    Anyone got any news? I know the new Duster 2x4 petrols are rolling out, but I'm told the 4x4's are being held due to quality checks. Mine was supposed to have been delivered on the 3/11 after a 4.5 month lead time. The dealership (Renault Retail) is going off clues on the system and an offline...
  4. Dacia Duster Forum
    Has anyone seen a written specification for the Duster Prestige? The Dacia website doesn't give any clues, so far as I can see. My order for a Laureate with bells & whistles was changed to a Prestige. I'd like to find out what I'm getting, although the anticipation and mystery are intriguing!
  5. General Chat
    When myou duster is in 4x4 and I try and turn sharpish it juders and struggles to move.
1-5 of 8 Results