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  1. Logan Electrical
    Hey Guys! I have the 2016 Logan MCV. There seems to be some problem with the AC. I went to the shop and they refilled the gas. My problem is that sometimes it does not turn on or sometimes turns off depending on the engine RPM. Standing with the car with engine running, the AC seems to be...
  2. Dacia Sandero Stepway Forum
    I wonder if anyone else has had the same issue. Took the car into my local garage to service the AC and regas it. Worked fine for about two weeks (didn’t have it on too much because weather was crap and cold) then went to use it again as the sun came back and it wasn’t working. Took it back to...
  3. Logan Electrical
    i got dacia logan with automatic climate control the exact on the the picture, the problem here is when i turn off the AC the Air re-circulation button turns off automatically and cant turn it back on while the AC is off, the problem here is that the front ventilation which is near the front...
1-3 of 4 Results