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air filter
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  1. Duster Mechanical
    Hi, I am wanting to change my own oil on my All-New Dacia Duster (Newest Facelift Model 2018), as I want to change it every 3-4k miles. To get to the oil sump there's a tray in the way with these clips/screws (attached) I cannot find them for love nor money on the internet for sale, where can...
  2. Dacia Sandero Forum
    Hi Guys, I wonder how much engine damage can driving without an air filter do? I picked up my car after servicing and repairs about a week ago. Today I discovered that the pipe leading from the air filter to the engine was very lose on both ends. Metal fasteners on it were left unfastened, and...
  3. Stepway Mechanical
    Just a few things I've done recently.............haters gonna hate
  4. Tutorial Support Forum
    DISCLAIMER: IF YOU CREATE A PROBLEM AFTER FOLLOWING THIS GUIDE YOU MAY VOID YOUR WARRANTY. This is a really easy job, well done to the designers who created an air filter that doesn't need any tools to access. Here is the new genuine filter in its bag. Locate the air box behind the battery...
1-4 of 4 Results