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  1. Logan Electrical
    Greetings all, I just wondered if anyone has had difficulties with the airbag not deploying. I recently had an accident, hit the back of the the car in front straight on, but the airbag did not go off. I am fairly short and sit closer than a tall person to the steering wheel. My chest hit the...
  2. Stepway Electrical
    Hi, I've had the electrical warning light come on. Had a friend check it on his diagnostic tester, it came up with DF011 warning light circuit error. He switched off the light for me and it stayed off for about 6 days but now it has come up again, is it something I need to go back to Motorline...
  3. Duster Electrical
    Hi I have a 14 plate Duster and all of a sudden my airbag warning light has started to come on. What seems to be different to what other issues I have read on the forum is the light doesn't stay on at startup. The airbag warning light comes on an goes off on startup. Then after a period of...
1-3 of 3 Results