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alloy wheels
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  1. Dacia Sandero Forum
    Hi can someone help me understand the model variant I have. Everytime I go on ebay looking for alloy wheels or android systems, the drop down options confuse me allot. Would appreciate if any links to showing me compatible allow wheels or android systems. Thanks.
  2. Logan Mechanical
    I have bought a set of steel wheels and winter tyres for my Logan, which is currently fitted with alloys and 'summer' tyres. Can anyone confirm whether or not I need a different set of studs for the steel wheels, please? If I do, does anyone know the part number or, better still, know a good...
  3. Buy & Sell
    Having purchased new 18" wheels and tyres for the Duster (and liking them so much) I've dropped the idea of using the original 16" set for winter use so might as well sell them to a good home. They are mint condition wheels and tyres - less than 1000 "gentle" miles wear on the set and would suit...
1-3 of 3 Results