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  1. Duster Interior / Exterior
    How many of you bought a Duster Laureate Prime that was delivered without an arm rest? Those of you that did get an arm rest, did the cloth spec match the rest of the Laureate prime cloth spec and stitching? ( dark grey with blue facings and white stitching) My model was delivered without the...
  2. Dacia Lodgy Forum
    Hi all Ordered my lodgy laureate after test driving it 2 months ago. It is to be delivered in mid april just right for my birthday! I ordered with all you can get but no metallic paint which I dont care about. Actually my requirements were AC, and rear electric windows and only laureate had...
  3. Stepway Mechanical
    Just ordered a Stepway armrest from Renault (£89) and was wondering if anyone had fitted one already. Is it a difficult job. I'm quite a handy person and the company sent me detailed instructions to let me know what i'm in for. Anyway i should have it in a few days so will report back on my...
1-3 of 3 Results