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  1. General Chat
    Iam having superguard applied to my new ordered Stepway...Has anybody else had this done to their Dacia
  2. Dacia Sandero Forum
    My poor baby Gollum was hit yesterday by a lady reversing her husbands 5 series BMW estate out from a side road. :( :angry: Fortunately I saw it was going to happen, and stopped, but she kept on coming, and hit the wing not down the full side, thankfully. It has dented the wheel arch and hit...
  3. Duster Interior / Exterior
    So, I picked up my brand new Duster on 27th April, and finally today everything is as it should have been. Brief history: The day after I picked it up I noticed that the trip computer didn't work. Only the last 2 digits of the odometer/mpg/trip/etc. display worked, this only became apparent...
1-3 of 3 Results