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    It's back It's bigger #mmm DM's Cake Emporium It will be situated next to the Dacia Forum stand and we need your cake ! Bring a cake and DONATE it to DM's Cake Emporium and we then sell it to everybody All money raised will go to this years worthy cause which is close to...
  2. Dacia Day 2015
    Hi Folks As the registration page is now up and running and folk have been emailed and everything I thought I'd tell u a little bit more about my plans for the Cake Emporium Basically, I'm trying to raise money for a community in Romania, where the funds can be distributed to those that need...
  3. Social Space
    George is .....celebrating his birthday today Its 2 years since I drove a 300 mile round trip to pick him up. I was guarding the osprey nest at Loch Garten in the highlands...and George arrived whilst I was after a 10 hour night shift, I had a wee snooze and drove back to Edinburgh...
  4. Scottish McDacia Forum
    OK I promised a McMuster..... and here it is.... As on previous occasions please fill out the survey so i know whose coming and if folk get lost ! cheers DM xx
1-4 of 4 Results