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  1. Dacia Sandero Forum
    Hi everyone, I got a 2018 Sandero 2 Access and of course it has no central locking system. Can this be fitted and if so can anyone recommend a kit that would fit. Thank you
  2. General Chat
    Hi Guys, Picked up my New Dacia Duster Ambiance 4x2 on Friday 22nd May 2015. It was supposed to be ready for collection the day before but dealer did not return my call, rang on Friday morning and they said I could pick it up anytime suitable to me. Car was brought round, with a lovely bunch...
  3. Dacia Sandero Stepway Forum
    I got the car Thursday evening and it has been excellent. This evening though, while being back and forward to the car doing the map updates, the car didn't unlock. Pushing the button on the key gets the car to flash twice, but won't unlock. I can unlock with the key on the passengers side and...
  4. Dacia Duster Forum
    When I unlock the car using the button on the key fob but don't put the key in the ignition after around 20 seconds the doors all lock (and alarm activates!). I first I though this might be a 'safety feature' (this is my first new car) but can't find any reference to in the manual, then I...
1-4 of 4 Results