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  1. Duster Mechanical
    Hi, I am wanting to change my own oil on my All-New Dacia Duster (Newest Facelift Model 2018), as I want to change it every 3-4k miles. To get to the oil sump there's a tray in the way with these clips/screws (attached) I cannot find them for love nor money on the internet for sale, where can...
  2. Sandero Interior / Exterior
    Heeeelp! I've just registered here in the hope that a kindly soul can help me! I'm going a little bit out of my mind trying to figure out where to get hold of the little clips that hold on the dull grey plastic trim under the bumper of the Sandero (not the Stepway). I have a 65 plate Sandero...
1-2 of 2 Results