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  1. Duster Electrical
    After having put in the code 1234 for activating the radio, and holding in the number 6 for a while, the radio does not get activated and it says: Wait 2min... Then the code input comes up again and the same thing happens. For every time I put in the code the waiting times longer before...
  2. General Chat
    Hello, Does anyone know where I could find the color/paint code for the "Desert Orange" color of the new 2019 Duster? I did some searching, and was only able to find out that it's probably a color Renault uses, but with a different name and paint code. I won't have my Duster for another two...
  3. Dacia Duster Forum
    Stupid question but I just updated the media nav s/w and at the end its asking for an Authentication Key. I've thrawled through the Driver Handbook but cant seem to spot it! Any idea where abouts it is?
  4. General Chat
1-4 of 5 Results