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  1. General Chat
    Hi, I have noticed that the antifreeze level on my diesel Logan is slightly low, it seems to be at the min mark. The antifreeze was changed not too long ago and is green in colour and the correct type. Just to top up the level slightly,would it be suitable to use Prestone antifreeze? Thanks Chris
  2. General Chat
    Hi everyone, There seems to be a lot of contradicting information about the coolant for Renault Glaceol Type D. I have a Dacia Sandero II 0.9 TCE car. Some people say the coolant is OAT and some people say it is a Ethylene Glycol and not OAT. Eurocarparts sells coolant that is 'Ethylene...
  3. General Chat
    Hi all. This is my first time posting here. I plan on flushing the coolant/antifreeze on my 2015 Dacia Logan MCV 1.5 dCi Laureate and completely replacing it as some general maintenance. I was sent a service interval guide for my car by Dacia/Renault, in which they specify to use 'GLACEOL RX...
  4. Logan Mechanical
    Hi, Any advice on following welcome from any owners in Daciasphere, Bought my Logan 1.5 dci in August. Three weeks ago the coolant was down way past minimum after 1,500 miles - dealer topped up, and I thought maybe factory delivered it that way. Gave benefit of doubt. It was then topped up...
1-4 of 5 Results