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  1. Duster Electrical
    Hi all. I have a duster 2017 2.0 gasoline which I bought it new from the Renault dealer with zero km . It’s now 50100 km . Everything was fine, until i was trying to start the engine I found the battery was exhausted and The dashboard is flickering with a sound coming from inside of the...
  2. Sandero Electrical
    Fairly pleased with the Sandero I purchased second hand in March. Have had to replace a couple of tyres as previous owner had it standing in their driveway for almost a year, and had to replace the stalk with the parp parp on it to get it through its MOT, which hurt a bit, but I have an tiny...
  3. Logan Electrical
    I have a 2011 Dacia Logan Laureate and recently the dashboard stopped lighting up when the headlights were on, meaning that I often did not realised they still on and did not switch them off. It happened again today and the battery is completely flat, so I bought a set of compatible fuses and...
  4. Duster Electrical
    Hi Just wondered if there are any little tips on this, I'm working on catching up on every post in advance of picking up my 2016 Laureate 1.2 TCe. Ive ordered wheel arch covers, roof rack(that was a looong and complicated post!) and the Aukey Dual dashcam recommended by Techmoan on youtube...
  5. Stepway Interior / Exterior
    Has anyone got an annoying rattle from either end of the dashboard coming from the air vent area? It is only heard on rough 'corrugated' road surfaces. Initially, I thought it was the mirror glasses however it's coming from inside the car. Banging the dashboard at the vents replicates the...
  6. Dashboard

  7. Duster Interior / Exterior
    Hi folks Whilst at Knockhill last weekend, I was able to take some photos of the new facelift duster we had there... Its an ambiance level a "mid-range" trim level 4x2 duster in white But hopefully will give folks an idea of what has changed DM x
  8. Tutorial Support Forum
    This is the support topic for the tutorial Dashboard - how to - remove marks and restore. Please post here if you have any questions or helpful advice to offer.
1-8 of 8 Results