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  1. Duster Electrical
    Hi Folks, I am new to this forum, joining from Bangalore, India! Wish you all a very Happy New Year! I am installing Osram LEDDriving FOG 101 lamps with DRLs on Renault Duster AMT RxZ 2017. The kit requires one of the wire to be connected to ignition key source, so when ignition turned on, the...
  2. Sandero Electrical
    Was looking for a replacement light for the drl's and have found these which give a whiter light output and look cool when off. MT-226.
  3. Stepway Interior / Exterior
    Hi, I've owned my Stepway DCI Laureate for a few weeks now & It's a great car, excellent value for money although I'm sure I don't need to convince any of you about that! Since buying it I've so far changed the following: Rear Sun Blinds: Purchased from...
  4. Duster Electrical
    I don't know if anyone has seen this kit yet but if you haven't got a DRL kit fitted but want some then these might be ideal the LED's are built into the fog lamp and Osram give a 5 year warranty on them too. They are a direct replacement for the existing fogs and unlike the Duster DRL kit...
  5. General Chat
    Has any one got the DRL fitted in Ireland? I have to have them, anyone know how much to buy and have fitted? I'm buying a white duster this week - waiting on delivery and I won't even drive it home till I get the windows tinted!!!! Adie
  6. General Chat
    As there seems to be some confusion on this topic I have done a little research on it, the results of which I give here without liability: DRLs have been a compulsory fitment on new cars and light vans since February 2012. They should operate whenever the engine is running; however in the UK...
1-6 of 6 Results