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  1. Sandero Electrical
    I would like to fit a louder horn and horn relay but I need to remove the headlight unit to get good access. Has anybody done this and is there anything I need to know. Do I need to remove the grill etc. are there any hidden fixings.
  2. Dacia Duster Forum
    My wife and I have bought a new Duster, in May 2017, and are still waiting to receive the vehicle. The dealer has been told not to release any new vehicles until further notice - even though mine is in stock, on their forecourt. I contacted Dacia who, after a lot of discussion, eventually...
  3. Duster Electrical
    Finally got around to upgrading the factory fitted horns on my Duster in a little over an hour. Fitted a nice pair of PIAA deep tone horns. Removed the front bumper/grille assembly in about 10 minutes. The whole assembly is only held on with 9 torx bolts with a further 2 smaller torx bolts...
  4. Duster Electrical
    Time required: 3 hours Difficulty: 1 (easy) out of 5 Tools required: Torx male socket wrenches (2 different sizes) Needle nose pliers 10 mm (deep and) regular socket wrenches and open / closed wrench I don't know about anyone else, but I got tired of yelling out the window "beep" or "honk"...
  5. Duster Electrical
    Suddenly the horn will only work when lights are switched off. So something must be wrong with the left lever (hope I'm using the right word here) and not with the actual horn? Is there a way to fix this on your own. Mechanics wants a lot of money to switch to a new lever. Anyone else...
1-5 of 5 Results