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  1. Sandero Stepway Aftermarket
    My new Sandero often doesn't start up until I turn the ignition key for the second time. The first attempt causes the dials to move, but the engine doesn't start. The second attempt is usually fine. Also, I often can't open the passenger window from my side. If I lean over and open the passenger...
  2. Duster Electrical
    Hi I've had 'Dusty' from new in 2013 & aside from the early paint recall had no issues (uh oh!). Until now . . Key started to not turn occasionally, despite usual wheel jiggling & is pretty much all the time now. When inserted , there is quite a bit of 'play' i.e the barrel with key in moves...
  3. Duster Electrical
    As I haven't seen any posts on this, I wonder if anyone has had a problem like this. Just recently I have noticed that sometimes the fan isn't working (2013 model). If I stop the engine, the fan bursts into life, fire up the ignition again and it's all working fine. A bit like the old...
1-3 of 3 Results