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  1. Dacia Sandero Forum
    Hello, My wife is trying to insure her new Stepway Ambiance. She has been asked by the potential insurer whether the car is classified as a European import. Can't find the answer in the handbook.. Help! Thanks in anticipation.
  2. Dacia Insurance
    I'm buying a Stepway so looked into insuring it ,its a bit more complicated as i'm keeping my old car. I have 9 years non claims with Direct Line . I'm the main driver with my wife as named driver and shes got 4 years as a named driver. I just put my son on that insurance (passed his test a...
  3. Dacia Insurance
    Can anyone suggest an insurer that doesn't load the policy excessively for aftermarket alloy wheels?
  4. Dacia Duster Forum
    May be of interest to someone! I have been looking for insurance for my Access Duster so went to and was pleasantly confronted with some quotes starting at £115 fully comp with Saga. Eventually settled with the Co-operative insurance through the RAC at £133.08 fully comp including...
  5. Dacia Duster Forum
    Sorry to swear but $hit, my Duster has dust been involved in a crash 9am this morning :( Coming up to a roundabout on a 60mph road when an ambulance flies round with lights flashing. The car in front slams on brakes, I do too and stop within inches, then get rear ended by a woman in a Fiesta...
  6. Dacia Sandero Forum
    I received my renewal papers from LV today, quoting £158 for the next year. After the way they comprehensively fleeced me for temporary cover while the personal number transfer was mismanaged - for four weeks' cover I paid more than the last year's renewal - I wouldn't have renewed with LV...
  7. Dacia Duster Forum
    Just bought a new Duster Laureate dci 4x2. A very nice car but when I came to insure it three major insurance companies (Axa, Esure and Santander) told me they didn't insure this car? Has anyone else had this problem because I don't understand why their underwriters should shy away from this...
  8. General Chat
    I'm just wondering what you guys thought of VRI that the dealer is trying to sell me for £199. If within the 3 years of owning my Stepway, I write it off or I suppose extremely damaged then the policy would give me a new car. I can be gullible :unsure: so what i'm seeking out are your honest...
  9. Dacia Sandero Stepway Forum
    Insurance Group for Sandero Stepway?Your Guess1-300.00%4-6853.33%7-10640.00%10-1516.67%15+00.00%
  10. Dacia Duster Forum
    Hi all, Sure we all know that the insurance group on a Duster is 10(p), but what does the P mean? Anyway, I have just got a quote from Dacia Insurance for £505. That includes legal and Windscreen cover and a £150 excess. I have full no claims, no convictions or accidents in the last 5 years...
1-10 of 10 Results