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  1. Duster Electrical
    I have an Intermittent O/S indicator fault. It's completey random as to when it occurs, sometimes the signal work a few times then just stops completely. This issue affects the Hazzards also. I've checked for Fuses and Relays and my Mechanic has check for Fault Codes but also nothing showing...
  2. Sandero Electrical
    I have today taken Gollum in to Roxby Garage Ltd, at Warsash, near Southampton, where they had a look at the yet again faulty windscreen wiper function. The motor was supposedly replaced last August by Sewards of Portsmouth, following the intermittent sweep function going funny and stopping...
  3. Sandero Electrical
    Hi All, I have had my Sandero 0.9 Tce Laureate (GOLLUM) for a month now, and it has finally rained.... Having gone to use the wipers, I am concerned there is a fault on the intermittent setting. When on position 'B' the wipers start to go up, then just stop half way up the windscreen. If I do...
1-3 of 3 Results