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  1. General Chat
    Hi all, just a quick question as its dark and cold and i can't really be ersed looking outside, how do you replace the number plate lights with LEDs? Had a cursory glance at work, and seems theres a wee bit almost to put a flat blade screwdriver in? Didn't want to try that obviously though ...
  2. Duster Electrical
    A work in Progress, I've Seen the Light :)
  3. General Chat
    Not sure if this has been mentioned yet. Sorry if it has. Noticed that my stepway had the same interior light as my old RS Twingo; you can swap that one for a megane light. Megane uses 3 bulbs and has more independnat controls. Simple thing, but for £5 on eBay with free shipping, and some 501...
  4. Stepway Electrical
    Has anyone got a link to a decent led number plate bulb for a stepway? Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results