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  1. General Chat
    Could someone shed some light (no pun intended) I had to change a bulb and now my near side low beam faces the ground and will not operate with the light position switch. Have I accidentally knocked something? Kind regards Jon
  2. Duster Electrical
    Hi. I wonder if anyone can help? I have a 2015 diesel duster. Recently when I lock it I get a series of about 10 beeps. It never did this before and I have had it from new. In other cars I seem to recall it is sometimes an alarm activation but it has never previously done this. Also the led...
  3. Duster Electrical
    Had my new Duster Comfort 130 since March. When the road lights switch is in the "Auto" position, the dipped lights are off, but the main beam is on (plus the rear lights). Since models checked in both the Warwick and Coventry dealerships behaved in the same way, when checked,I guess it occurs...
  4. Sandero Electrical
    My Sandero currently doesn't have front fog lights fitted, is it possible to fit them, and if so what would it take. ive seen a few with them fitted and really fancy having a crack
  5. Dacia Sandero Forum
    Hi All, I have a pre-facelift Sandero, I really like the style of the new rear lights and annoyingly my car was 1 month too young to come in the facelifted variant. While I do prefer the LED daytime runners over the halogen I cannot be asked with the hassle of removing the bumper and changing...
  6. Sandero Electrical
    Hi - my first post here. I have a sandero 14 plate, with 105k miles on the clock. Suddenly my main beam lights stopped working. I've replaced both bulbs and still no joy. Full beam works still and turning the stalk puts sidelights on and lights the dash. I've tried pulling the fuses in the...
  7. Duster Interior / Exterior
    OK the nights have drawn in and the headlights are getting much more use, which has led to my problem. When indicating to turn right I sometimes manage to cancel my headlights, I thought this was just me being clumsy but my wife drove the car recently in the dark for the first time and did...
1-7 of 8 Results