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  1. Lodgy Electrical
    Hi there, I have Dacia Lodgy from 2015. With Media Nav (LG) installed. But the interface looks a bit old/ different from all the images i see on google. ( The system version = v 4.0.6 I would like to connect it to Android...
  2. Dacia Duster II

    Installation completed :)
  3. Lodgy Interior / Exterior
    Renault is to release the Lodgy under the Renault badge for the Indian market AutoEvolution says - What's interesting is how much they've changed to turn the Lodgy from Dacia to Renault. The grille is new and has a lot more chrome to it. The huge shiny surface doesn't fail to draw...
  4. Dacia Lodgy Forum
    Hello all, I purchased my Lodgy last week and pick it up on Thursday this week. I have been reading up about the auto for a while now. I live in Germany, so it has ben on the market here for awhile. I purchased the Prestige 5 seater with all the options, too incluide leather seats. I am...
  5. Dacia Lodgy Forum
    Hi all Ordered my lodgy laureate after test driving it 2 months ago. It is to be delivered in mid april just right for my birthday! I ordered with all you can get but no metallic paint which I dont care about. Actually my requirements were AC, and rear electric windows and only laureate had...
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1-9 of 10 Results