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  1. General Chat
    HELP PLEASE. Am a happy Dacia Duster 2018 owner and find the car great but...... decided to update my UK and Ireland maps. Loaded the usb stick and downloaded the "fingerprint" of my Media Nav. Ran the Dacia toolbox and inserted the usb stick. All good. I purchased an update of the map I...
  2. General Chat
    Does anyone know if you can update/download maps for free?
  3. Duster Electrical
    I have a 2014 Dacia Duster. I recently updated the media nav system from 4.0.2 to 4.0.5, and when the update has finished, i wanted to use my navigation app, but all my Maps have been deleted and i don't know why, now it just displays a map without roads. What do i have to do know ?
1-3 of 3 Results