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  1. Social Space
    Hi folks well George :wub: is beside himself with excitement...and almost uncontrollable scampering about and mis-behaving on the drive....and how i'll ever get him to calm down I dont know... I was sitting on Christmas eve watching telly chatting with friends, like you do...and we were all...
  2. Dacia Day 2015
    HOW TO RESISTER 1. go to the MyDacia website 2 fill in your details and register for MyDacia 3. Press on the Dacia Day link 4. press on the registration link there and fill it in 5. Print the ticket they will email to you oh and the best news Dacia...
  3. Scottish McDacia Forum
    OK I promised a McMuster..... and here it is.... As on previous occasions please fill out the survey so i know whose coming and if folk get lost ! cheers DM xx
  4. Scottish McDacia Forum
    Good News .... See below for details
  5. Scottish McDacia Forum
    Hi everybody it may surprise you all to know, that there were actually 2 McMusters yesterday.... the first one was the fantastic day out at the Riverside Transport Museum in Glasgow.... and for those of you down south... its a little bit like the Beamish Museum, or a...
1-5 of 5 Results