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  1. Stepway Electrical
    Hi all. I'm new here so be gentle. I've checked the forum and couldn't find this specific issue but apologies if it has already been addressed. I've just purchased a new 16GB USB in order to put my albums on it to play in the car (as I can't cope with my wife's music choices anymore). The USB...
  2. Logan Electrical
    Hello all, I bought a 2018 Logan MCV last week that came with the Media Nav Evolution system. Was dreading having to give up my iPod Classic 80GB as I already read there were some issues with usb-thumbdrives, their capacity and folder set-up requirements. I was however pleasantly surprised I...
  3. Dacia Sandero Forum
    Hi, I'm a first time poster here but have used the forums for several years for help with my Sandero. I'm looking to fit a SatNav/ Multimedia radio unit in my Sandero and was wondering which you have installed and whether you would recommend them or not. I'm looking at both the recommended...
  4. Sandero Electrical
    Hey, So I'm pretty confident about buying a 2017 Sandero, regardless of what comes of this thread, however does anyone know how to upgrade the current MediaNav software to an Android Auto setup, without replacing the current LG system? Thanks in advance!
  5. Logan Electrical
    I have been thinking about replacing the basic stereo in my Logan MCV with a unit like this Has anyone on here does anything similar? Is it just a case of swapping them out or has Dacia used custom wiring so I'll have to buy a medianav unit. Thanks
  6. General Chat
    Good afternoon, Can anybody tell me if they are experiencing problems in the transfer of information from their mobile phone handsets to the Media Nav System. I have upgraded all the software, and my contacts still do not sync. The system is supposed to hold 1000, I can barely get it to sync...
  7. Dacia Sandero Stepway Forum
    Still waiting for a new Media Nav nearly 2 months. Anyone elsehave the same problems with dacia services. they advised me they should be in next week. However this is the same excuse now for the duration. may need to take this to the papers or watchdog!!!
1-7 of 7 Results