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  1. Meets / Events / Regions
    It's back It's bigger #mmm DM's Cake Emporium It will be situated next to the Dacia Forum stand and we need your cake ! Bring a cake and DONATE it to DM's Cake Emporium and we then sell it to everybody All money raised will go to this years worthy cause which is close to...
  2. Social Space
    Hi folks well George :wub: is beside himself with excitement...and almost uncontrollable scampering about and mis-behaving on the drive....and how i'll ever get him to calm down I dont know... I was sitting on Christmas eve watching telly chatting with friends, like you do...and we were all...
  3. Dacia Day 2015
    :o OMG :o OMG :o OMG :o This is the AMAZING list of things to do at Dacia Day 2015 so far !!!!!!!!!!! The pony rides will be FREE The bouncy castle and summer games will all be FREE The test drives will be FREE the Dog Show will be FREE and there will be other stuff too...
  4. Dacia Day 2015
    Put the date in your Diary Hope you all approve, its going to be a fabulous day out There will be a charge for admission, Dacia UK are finalising the details as we speak but I had to let you all know Hope we'll see you there DM x
  5. Dacia Day 2015
    Its SO exciting... a few last phonecalls today...and next week....and then.... Dacia Day 2015 will be finalised ALL of the details will be posted in this Watch this space DM x
  6. Scottish McDacia Forum
    OK I promised a McMuster..... and here it is.... As on previous occasions please fill out the survey so i know whose coming and if folk get lost ! cheers DM xx
  7. Scottish McDacia Forum
    Hi Everybody Hope this sounds like fun to folk So that we can keep an idea of how many folk are coming Please follow this link below and fill in the 4 questions Its just many many people ! Simples.... Oh and did i mention its free YAY DM x...
  8. Scottish McDacia Forum
    GOOD NEWS ! Calling all members of the Clan McDacia The 6th McMuster our second for 2014.....has been decided and HUGE thank you's must go to WEEGIE BOB for suggesting and organising this... As the poster suggests only Dacias will be allowed to park on the "plaza" infront of the Museum...
  9. Scottish McDacia Forum
    GOOD NEWS ! Calling all members of the Clan McDacia The 5th McMuster our first for 2014.....has been decided there is free parking for 84 cars if folk want to go into the Visitor Experience and centre details can be found here the satnav postcode is...
1-9 of 9 Results