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  1. Logan Interior / Exterior
    Dear all, I got my Logan a year ago and had a service done December 2015. I meant to ask sooner but for some reason the odo mileage and that recorded at the Renault service center for my service documents are very different. Odo said 12500, but service center recorded over 38000! Which is...
  2. Duster Electrical
    Hey folks... Sorry I have been away so long...doing a lot of viewing but not much posting....Have been enjoying summer and brilling!!! Anyway, I finally got round to having my Duster serviced for a couple of squeaks and a line on the instrument cluster which was dimmer than the rest of it (To...
  3. Dacia Duster Forum
    My mileage went over 10,000 this week and I can report that I have 10,000+ miles of carefree motoring, not been back to the dealer once for anything. The car does everything and more that I expected it to do, I am so impressed with the storage and load carrying capabilities which was the main...
1-3 of 3 Results