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  1. Stepway Interior / Exterior
    Yet another rattle, this time coming from right side of dash, the two suspects where, the right hand air vent, and the row of switches, which where definitely rattling. The cure was to remove the sheild at the bottom of the dash, and roll up a ball of plumbers sanitary putty, (none setting)...
  2. Dacia Duster Forum
    Hi On my 2012 Duster with 65000 miles I have noticed a strange knocking noise when pulling away from a stop. It only happens when I have used the brakes to stop if I just roll up to a stop and then pull off no noise. No steering problems or noises when going over bumps etc. it is more annoying...
  3. Duster Mechanical
    Hi all, anyone got noisy front suspension, in the last week mine has become really loud when hitting ramps etc. It sounds like really dry joints being forced to move against there will. Take it back ("they all do that mate") or spray WD40 all over it?
  4. Logan Mechanical
    Mine has done this from new but it is erratic and temperature dependent. When cold there is a rattle from behind the dashboard toward the passenger side I think. It stops after a minute or so and is only really when the car is moving (?????). I took it to the dealer with a good description and...
  5. General Chat
    Hello. Since picking up Sandy last Friday, every so often, there has been a rattle coming from the drivers door whilst driving. As far as I'm aware, it's intermittent and doesn't happen when doing anything particular. I know it will be a tiny issue, and that if I take it to the dealer, they'll...
  6. Dacia Sandero Forum
    Hi all. Do you have an odd rattle when you close the boot? Tried looking at all the bumper / wheel trims, etc? I noticed it yesterday and went to the dealer today - Very quick process of elimination and it was the exhaust shield under the car. A minor tweak up on the ramp, and all nice and...
1-6 of 7 Results