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  1. Sandero Mechanical
    hey guys, noticed oil on my driveway towards the rear driver side of the car. Any thoughts as to what it is. Its leaking from the right of the image. Its going for an mot and service next week but thought I'd bring it up on here. Thanks.
  2. Duster Mechanical
    HI can anybody tel me what spec. engine oil i need to use in my 1.3tce 150 4x4 Duster .Thanks in advance !
  3. Duster Mechanical
    Hi, I am wanting to change my own oil on my All-New Dacia Duster (Newest Facelift Model 2018), as I want to change it every 3-4k miles. To get to the oil sump there's a tray in the way with these clips/screws (attached) I cannot find them for love nor money on the internet for sale, where can...
  4. Duster Mechanical
    Hi all, new to the forum and just picked up a 2019 Duster 2wd DCi and didn't get any maintenance paperwork with the vehicle at all. So a few questions if I may- what oil does the vehicle take and how much needed for an oil change? Is there a manual available? My hand book just refers me to some...
  5. Sandero Mechanical
    Thought I would let others know that it might be a good idea to check for oil leaking out of the seal around the top of the engine. The oil runs down the back of the engine and collects on and around the exhaust manifold. There is a potential fire risk issue depending on quantity of pooled oil...
  6. Duster Mechanical
    I recently made an oil change on my Duster 125 TCe There should be 4.5l of oil in the car but instead it came out 7.5L , probably 3.0 liters of gasoline! The duster was bought new in 2015 February and has reached 10,300Km (6,400 miles). The previous oil change was made by the car dealer 2 years...
  7. Sandero Mechanical
    Hi Folks, Today I checked my car, including engine oil level, and was surprised to find that right under the engine oil cap there was quite a lot of light brown/yellow paste like gunk. The engine dipstick did not seem to have any gunk on it, except the very top of it where it is connected to...
  8. Stepway Mechanical
    Hi All, I have a problem with my new Sandero Stepway TCe90 Laureate which is quite worrying. My car is just a couple of weeks old and today I checked the oil for the first time and was horrified to see that the dipstick was rusty for about 1 or 2 inches of its length at about a third of the...
  9. General Chat
    Now, where did I put my last servicing record/bill? I'm still searching, but what did your annual service record/bill say (if anything) about the oil they used for annual servicing? Was it a Total/Elf oil or was it from some other manufacturer? Did they give the name of the oil (e.g. Elf...
  10. Tutorial Support Forum
    Our Logan was due its first service and when I found out that they wanted to charge almost £200 for what is essentially an oil change I almost died. I've worked on family cars for years and I've worked up quite a collection of tools and skills, however I think if you have the necessary skills to...
  11. Duster Mechanical
    If you have Diesel engine, have you checked the Engine Oil levels after the initial run-in period? I noticed the Diesel Clio courtesy car I had last week came with a small bottle of Engine Oil, presumably for topping up.
  12. General Chat
1-12 of 13 Results