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  1. Stepway Electrical
    My parking sensors and warning tone for reverse gear have stopped working but the reversing lights are still working could this be a fuse ???
  2. General Chat
    Ive recently got myself a Logan 2016 with parking sensors, all working fine. Also purchased a front (fits over rear view mirror) and rear dash camera combo. Got it all routed and power from front cigarette light point. Last feature I wanted to activate was the rear camera activating when...
  3. General Chat
    Hi Guys, Picked up my New Dacia Duster Ambiance 4x2 on Friday 22nd May 2015. It was supposed to be ready for collection the day before but dealer did not return my call, rang on Friday morning and they said I could pick it up anytime suitable to me. Car was brought round, with a lovely bunch...
  4. General Chat
    Hi. My name is Norbert, and like most of you, I'm a Dacia owner / enthusiast. Although I'm not from the UK, I'm from Romania (the "birth country" of Dacia) I was wandering... would anybody from the UK be interested in fitting their Duster / Sandero with heated seats and/or rear parking...
1-4 of 4 Results