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  1. Dacia Dokker Forum
    I’m getting quite frustrated. I’ve been contacting many dealers in the Gandia area (Valencia, Spain) to test drive a Dokker, ANY Dokker that runs on gas. There doesn’t seem to be any in Spain, though I found a website that said there’s three in Valencia city. I contacted one of the dealers and...
  2. Duster Mechanical
    I recently made an oil change on my Duster 125 TCe There should be 4.5l of oil in the car but instead it came out 7.5L , probably 3.0 liters of gasoline! The duster was bought new in 2015 February and has reached 10,300Km (6,400 miles). The previous oil change was made by the car dealer 2 years...
  3. Dacia Sandero Stepway Forum
    Hi all I previously had a 1.5Dci Duster and after 2 years moved to a new Sandero Stepway. When picking up the car I asked the dealer about running in and he said I don't need to. However, the manual says not to rev past 3,000 rpm for the first 600 miles (which is a bit hard to do with the 90...
  4. Dacia Duster Forum
    Hi, I'm considering a Petrol Duster so will have to go with the Access trim. Each dealer we visit give a sharp intake of breath when it's mentioned an mutter words like 'agricultural'. However looking at the brochure the time looks much the same and it's the options that seem to make the...
  5. General Chat
  6. Sandero Mechanical
    ENERGY TCE 90 Petrol Engine
  7. General Chat
    Hey guys and dolls, Has anyone else on here read or heard about the ill effects of Diesel engines on our health and apparently it's worse than Petrol engines. I saw this online My husband said that in France they are...
  8. General Chat
    0.9 TCe 90 BHP Renault Petrol Engine
  9. Duster Mechanical
    Dacia Duster 1.5dci Engine Tuning Easiest and quickest way to increase your engine output is to chip it. For example, Superchips Bluefin offer a device that will boost bhp from 108bhp to 128bhp, and torque from 240nm to 277nm. Dacia Duster 1.6 Petrol Engine Tuning Same goes for the petrol, it...
  10. Duster Mechanical
    Dacia Duster petrol and diesel engine specifications K9K 1.5 Diesel Overview The diesel has a DPF fitted. The K9K is a family of straight-4 turbocharged diesel engines co-developed by Nissan and Renault. The tubocharger is provided by Borg-Warner. It has a displacement of 1461 cc and is...
1-10 of 10 Results