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  1. Dacia Logan Forum
    i know I can connect two phones to my Medianav Evolution, but can I get them both operational at the same time? I assume not, otherwise potentially I could make / receive two calls at the same time, and that would make the system pout a bit. Any other views? I'm just too lazy to select when...
  2. Duster Electrical
    Hi All, Anyone else experienced this or something like it? My Medianav has an iPhone connected via USB for music streaming and charging. The same iPhone is connected via Bluetooth for phone calls. When a phone call comes in, the quality sounds like both parties are underwater and there is no...
  3. Sandero Electrical
    Whenever I have used the hands-free/Bluetooth function of the radio to make or receive a phone call the other party can hardly hear me. I have tested it for myself too. The sound of my voice is too quiet and there is a lot of distortion. Is this a widespread issue or just mine? Dacia Classic Radio
  4. Duster Electrical
    My parents bought a Duster recently and at the dealership were pleased the sales guy paired their phones with the car. The radio was on when they left the dealership and they believe it's the only way to access the phone's functionality. Is that true? I have searched everywhere for details of...
  5. General Chat
    Hi All, :ph34r: Renault UK are also DACIA UK have the following Freefone Customer Service number - 0800 0723372 and direct office number 01923 697200. Much nicer than that premium rate number they want you to ring your complaints in on.... costing you more money...... :)
1-5 of 6 Results