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  1. Dacia Day 2015
    An amazing day, captured by Dacia UK on video The cars took about 2 hours to arrange, all owned by Dacia owners, and parked less than 6 ins apart, to the point that in the middle of the "A's" we all struggled to get out... To those that took part.... thank you... an amazing day DM xx
  2. Dacia Day 2015
    HOW TO RESISTER 1. go to the MyDacia website 2 fill in your details and register for MyDacia 3. Press on the Dacia Day link 4. press on the registration link there and fill it in 5. Print the ticket they will email to you oh and the best news Dacia...
  3. Dacia Day 2015
    Put the date in your Diary Hope you all approve, its going to be a fabulous day out There will be a charge for admission, Dacia UK are finalising the details as we speak but I had to let you all know Hope we'll see you there DM x
  4. Dacia News
    The sixth annual Dacia picnic will take place on Sunday, June 29, from 10am to 5pm at the Domaine de Courson in Courson-Monteloup, in the Essonne department near Paris, France. This big celebration, open exclusively to the community of Dacia owners, will feature lots of free outdoor...
1-4 of 4 Results