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pollen filter
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  1. Duster Interior / Exterior
    Something has managed to get into the interior ventilation fan (I think) all part of the heating and aircon system and the noise is totally unacceptable. I am sure it is a dried leaf or twig or something because if I put the fan on slowly I can hear rapid clicking as if something is slightly...
  2. Tutorial Support Forum
    After changing my oil, the other serviceable item due on the first service was the cabin filter. DISCLAIMER: IF YOU CREATE A PROBLEM AFTER FOLLOWING THIS GUIDE YOU MAY VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Let me start by saying this job has been made needlessly difficult by the people who make these cars and...
  3. Dacia Duster Forum
    Okay this is something I've been meaning to check for a while. A leaf blew into the cockpit yesterday through the internal vents so obviously no pollen filter fitted in my Duster. Usually this is fitted in the passenger side but I checked today and it is not. Probably a cost cutting exercise...
1-3 of 3 Results